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2016 Trends in marketing for educational institutions

A tendency is a natural inclination or disposition that a person has towards a certain thing. In the case of marketing trends for educational institutions, it refers to the most innovative practices that are having positive results in the institutions. The most used always have to do with attracting new students or increasing the prestige of the institution in the industry in which it competes.

One of the most obvious trends is the use of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, depending on the target market. And one of the advantages they have is that they are means of direct communication and in real time. So the school-student interaction is greatly facilitated.

The Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI) in 2016, the average daily connection time between social network users was: 7 hours and 14 minutes. Being the smartphones, the most used mobile devices and the networks they use the most are: first place Facebook, second place WhatsApp, and third YouTube. Once knowing this, we can realize the great scope of this type of digital tools, to attract prospects.

So if you are planning a digital marketing strategy, focused on these trends; we recommend you do not forget the following points, regardless of the network or social networks that you decide to exploit:

Create content of interest

There is nothing more important on your school’s Facebook page, for example; than the content. Probably the users, are not looking for an urgent option of where to study, but if you provide them with information that can get their attention, without pushing them to register; they are more likely to consider your institution for the future. Take into account their concerns, needs and interests, in order to satisfy the different key segments.

The information you provide has to be varied, relevant and concise to get more attention. It exploits the use of images and videos, for the simple fact that images are more effective than text, the creation of an updated blog frequently, giving freedom of opinions and feedback and finally do not forget to publish all your posts and post in the different networks with which you count. Just keep in mind the content that should be addressed to:

  • Ex student
  • Potential applicants
  • Influential people in the education system
  • And parents

Create an identity

Any of your web pages should give visitors an idea of what your school or university is like. This is achieved by effectively sharing the history of the school, but in a creative way. Make your portal unique, transmitting the true essence of your institution. For example as a place with a lot of presence, intellectual challenges, but also a friendly student environment.

On the other hand, you can also use your social networks so that potential students learn more about the academic courses offered by your school, their extracurricular activities, athletic programs and other important things that give added value and can be a differentiator from the competition.

Measure your results

Achieve more «likes» on your page is essential to create more dissemination on the network, but does not ensure enrollment in the next school year. And many people tend to assume that it is the other way around. The metrics are guidelines to observe if an action is proving favorable or not and are the ones that will evaluate your educational marketing campaign.

According to our experience, we have realized that there are certain aspects that must be measured constantly if you want to make the enrollment process more efficient, as:

  • ROI, return on investment
  • Cost per prospect
  • Cost per client
  • Conversion of customers by campaign
  • Among some others

If you want to know more about metrics you can access our blog post «Vanity Metrics«

Create a network, not an account

Having only one user account in a social network should not be your sole objective. On your school’s website, you can include a Facebook button, after which you are supposed to be able to request visitors to your website, go to your school’s Facebook page to like it or vice versa. Join the relevant groups and participate in their debates.

The objective is to create a shared identity in various media and thus reach more potential students. In addition to these practices will achieve that your marketing efforts are multiplied in an automated way.

On an institution’s website, it acts as the public face. And most importantly, it has to have to offer useful information to students and parents. Educational marketing is changing and can become very influential when it comes to reaching potential new students and existing students, their parents, and future applicants; so start planning your strategy.

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