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Fecha: 18 mayo, 2023

4 Digital positioning strategies for your school

The positioning of your school or university is fundamental today to increase school enrollment. And many times, institutions worry about their offline positioning, being that nowadays, web positioning in search engines is a system of capturing very large and constantly growing students.

So much, that one in three parents considers presence online, in search engines such as Google or social networks like Facebook, as a fundamental factor when making a decision and enrolling their child.

Due to this concern, today I present 4 strategies that will help you raise your online presence:

1. Web page

Search engines like Google have as main objective that the millions of people who daily use their search services, find the page that best suits what they are looking for and in this way they can solve their problems.

Therefore, having a suitable website is one of the strategies to have an online presence. And with adequate I mean that it adapts to all mobile devices (two thirds of people on the Internet connect from their cell phone), that it is clean and reflects the values of your institution and leave unnecessary animations aside (those that they make us feel in the nineties, like the visits counter).

2. Blog

Within our website, having a blog is an important element for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it can help us generate more visits and more interest in our educational services. Remember what I told you above about web search engines? Well its operation is by keywords, keywords related to your product or service that be on your website, so that the search engine recognizes them as a relevant page.

Based on this premise, how can we increase our traffic based on them? Generating blog entries that solve problems, for example. «How to choose a suitable tutor», among other examples, will make Google and other search engines begin to give relevance to your website.

3. Social Networks

Having a presence on social networks does not mean being on all social networks or promoting sales right and left. It is necessary to first define where your market is. It does not help, for example, to have an account on twitter if we do not have users who follow us. And in the same way, it is not advisable to invest in new users if our market is on Facebook or Instagram.

Once the media has been decided, we have to generate a content calendar, where, like the website, we offer content of interest for our market. We can link the blog entries to our Facebook feed so that more users read the note. Be sure that if it is useful, you will appreciate it and your brand will be remembered.

4. Advertising platforms

It is very innocent to believe that in the middle of 2016 such powerful brands as Facebook and Google offer purely free services. Nowadays, if we want an adequate visibility with our market, we must invest in ads within these platforms to reach a good level of audience.

When investing, in the same way, we must work on our writing, our style of writing, the images and videos that we want to promote and any other element that enriches our fanpage. After all, we are paying, and like any offline investment, you must have proper planning and execution.

By following these tips, we will begin to generate noise with our educational institution. And if we carry them out correctly, through an achievable goal and effective metrics, we can save what we used to spend in traditional media and improve the enrollment rate in our school or university.

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