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Fecha: 18 mayo, 2023

5 Educational marketing tools that give results

Marketing within any educational institution, be it kindergarten or university; it must contain certain basic elements so that it produces positive results. Educational marketing supports the improvement of educational institutions through many possible channels, however, as time progresses digital tools are acquiring an outstanding value compared to traditional media.

The educational industry is increasingly demanding and often needs more than a simple spectacular to be interesting. Even those institutions that have already identified the problem have begun to look for innovative, efficient solutions that are in line with their mission or values. Since a good educational marketing, satisfies the needs of the institution to attract more students, as well gives customers or students that information consistently in the place and time they need it.

Thus, according to our experience, implementing educational marketing strategies in different parts of the country; we can identify specific tools that could help your school to have better results in terms of earnings and long-term growth. In this article you will find out what it is about and why it is important to have an educational marketing strategy in your institution.

So far the best tools we have identified are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These are the techniques of search engine positioning, the most common is the definition of keywords, which must be repeated frequently in the content, the link of the article and the title of the page to have better results in the search engines. The objective of this tool is to appear in the first organic places of a search engine, when the user makes a search using those same keywords; without the need to have paid ads.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

They are customer management systems, which serve to follow up on all the people you have spoken with and know exactly what they have been told, proposed and even sent. More advanced systems let you know what emails they opened, what links they clicked on, what information they downloaded, and even which pages of your site they have visited. This type of marketing tools tend to speed up the tasks of the departments of linking and attracting prospects.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

They are marketing techniques in order to improve the position of a website in search engine results for certain specific search terms; for free but in the long term.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most important means to stay connected, especially in business and represents one of the cheapest and most effective means for sales. It consists in the design and writing of emails for prospects in order to answer directly or visit a landing page and can advance in the purchase process. A good strategy contains constant and segmented emails according to the profile of each interested party, with personalized offers.

Landing Page

They are microsites focused on sale or conversion and directed to a particular person or student with a specific problem. This page contains little information and is focused on the person who sees it leave their data in exchange for a value proposal that can be from an electronic book, the promise of more reports to the programming of a consultancy or appointment. And in this way we can contact them in a more personalized way and already with prior knowledge.

As an extra data, marketing automation consists of automate all those tedious activities that are carried out systematically for each client. These activities reduce the productivity of the sales team and do not really generate value due to the fact that they are done manually. So eliminating them we can improve the sales approach to achieve more numbers of closures or inscriptions in the case of educational institutions.

Finally, the tools of strategic educational marketing can vary according to the industry and the objective of the campaign. But in this case the tools presented above can be implemented by any institution and can generate positive results in a sustained manner in the long term.

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