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Fecha: 29 mayo, 2023

5 Reasons why it is good to have a blog for your company

Nowadays, many companies are unaware of the potential of social networks and the scope they may have, including the use of professional blogs. As technology advances, the world changes, the needs of customers change and so must your company. We currently prefer quick, understandable and easily accessible information. Advertising between more innovative and creative, has better reception.

The internet is here to stay and what better way to use it for the benefit of our business; that’s why creating a blog that promotes your company is the best options, some of the reasons are the following:

1. Better positioning of your company in search engines

To have a blog linked to your web page, new content, respond to comments and start getting involved with other blogs; makes your page gain more visibility in the search engines. Google, when indexing the content, takes into account that the page is ‘live’, and that it is updated. Between the first 21 and 54 posts on the blog, you can attract 30% more traffic to your page (source: TrafficGenerationCafe).

2. You approach the consumer in a more subtle way

Being a free and impersonal space with a friendly language and real testimonies, the client feels more secure to explore, to express himself and to contribute new things (immediate feedback). Likewise, you offer a new experience, giving another value to your brand.

3. It’s easy and free

The advertising media already known (radio, television, spectacular, etc.) can be too expensive, while creating a blog is free and the investment is nothing compared to the previous methods. And it is also easy to use, so it does not require experts in the area.

4. Differentiator of the competition

Many companies can have a web page but few have a blog. When creating a blog you are showing the personality of your business, the interests and objectives of it; exploiting it to the maximum to become a leader in this new niche.

5. The more followers, the more sales

With a blog, you are more likely to find your services online, creating interest in customers that you had not contemplated. Blogs are an additional tool to express the quality of services or products and you never know which personalities can access it.

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