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Advertising for Schools

What is the use of investing?

Before deciding which means to invest in communicating with both parents and prospective students to enroll in your Institute, you have to take into consideration that the way people look for information has changed dramatically over time, and this fact can significantly affect the recruitment of new students from your Institute.


Currently, 96% of young people use the Internet (most of them daily) and 86% use social networks as well as entertainment and to get informed. In addition, AMIPCI published that 51% of Mexican people connect to the Internet, of which 37% correspond to people between 19 and 34 years old. Interesting, right? These figures mean that an important part of your potential market is informed and chooses in which school to register or their children according to what they see in the Digital Media.


Knowing this, you are probably asking yourself, in what ways do you want to invest in your Educational Institution? 

Inbound Media vs. Outbound

If you are thinking of advertising measures for schools, the first thing you have to do is to differentiate if the media you use is Inbound or outbound, now you will ask yourself what does this mean? 

According to Hubspot, outbound media are those that broadcast a message to a broad audience waiting for your ideal client to see it; examples of this type of media are magazines, radio spots, television commercials, spectacular, etc. Precisely, the reason why this type of media is ineffective in attracting more students to your institute is because they are not communicating the correct message / information to your ideal client in the right place and time, so a methodology is born known as Inbound Marketing that precisely helps this, obtaining as a result that each prospect costs you around 60% less, that is, it is a more efficient strategy to attract students and position your Institute. If you are interested in learning more about this methodology, I recommend you read the following article «Inbound Marketing for Schools»  


Now, let’s talk about specific advertising actions for schools, which will probably be a good option for your Institute:


Social Media and Content Strategies

An appropriate Social Media strategy is an excellent mean of advertising for schools because it allows you to communicate the message and benefits of your school to a greater number of people who meet the profile of your ideal client. But to «connect» with this you must offer information that helps them solve a specific need, that is, to make the right decision regarding their choice of college or university. This information is known as content, and can be an article, infographic, success story, etc., the purpose of this is to help the person to advance in his «Buyer’s Journey» by showing him the benefits that will be enjoyed in your Institute instead of the characteristics of it.


Finally, the fascinating thing about digital media is that you can evaluate the success of your Social Media strategy, obtaining important feedback from the client you are targeting. If you are interested in learning more about Social Media, I recommend reading this Hubspot article.


Marketing Automation

Por automatización de Marketing se entiende como el lanzamiento de una campaña de correos electrónicos en donde tanto el tiempo como el mensaje dependen de las acciones del cliente. Cuidado, no confundas la Automatización del Marketing con el Email Marketing; el segundo debido a que no considera la Etapa de compra en la que se encuentra tu cliente potencial ni sus necesidades, los correos que les mandes a éste los puede considerar como “Spam o Correo No Deseado”; mientras que la Automatización del Marketing permite que le llegue al padre/madre de familia o al estudiante información que lo ayude a tomar la decisión sobre qué colegio es el adecuado para él. Esta es la principal diferencia entre Automatización de Marketing y Email Marketing, sin embargo en el artículo 10 diferencias de la Automatización de Marketing y el Email Marketing te puedes informar más sobre esto.

 Marketing automation is understood as the launch of an email campaign where both the time and the message depend on the actions of the client. Be careful, do not confuse Marketing Automation with Email Marketing; the second because it does not consider the Purchase Stage in which your potential client is located or their needs, the emails you send to them can be considered as «Spam or Unwanted Mail»; while Marketing Automation allows information to help the parent or the student to help them decide which school is right for them. This is the main difference between Marketing Automation and Email Marketing, however in article 10 differences of Marketing Automation and Email Marketing you can tell more about this.

Website focused on Growth

Your Web page is your most valuable Marketing and Sales asset that you can have on the Internet, and if it is correctly done, you can become your # 1 seller, since when a person searches for options on the Internet, it has already reached 70% of the » buyer’s path «, what does that mean ?, that the person already has different alternatives in mind, so he looks for information to make the final decision. This means that you must ensure that your Web Page helps you to achieve the goal you want to achieve, either increase your school’s enrollment or increase its positioning, so you do not miss out on the million options found in the internet. 

 Likewise, something that many people do not have in mind is that you can analyze and understand your market through your Web page; There is a new design called «Focused on Growth or GDD» that precisely allows this (among other things), resulting in a website optimized and adapted to what parents or students are looking for. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, I highly recommend the following article. What is my website most useful for? Understand your market and grow. 


Measure your results

Finally, what is not measured does not grow, regardless of the advertising media that you currently use or plan to use in the future, it is vital that you measure the ROI through the advertising means invested and the Acquisition Cost of each student. Both figures are basic to measure the performance of your advertising campaign.


If you are interested in verifying your knowledge on how to obtain the ROI you can consult: How to measure the Return on Marketing Investment? As for the cost of acquisition is very easy to obtain, ideally it is done by each advertising means so you can know which is more effective to attract students to your institute, but can also be made for the total investment in advertising media . What you have to do is divide the cost of the medium among the students who enrolled in your school thanks to that medium. Example: suppose that a school invested $ 10,000 in a spectacular with the aim of increasing their enrollments and positioning of the Institute, the way they record the income is asking each student who by which means they learned about them, at the end of the period of inscription they knew that 4 children enrolled in the school because they saw the spectacular, which means that each child required an investment of $ 2, 500, too high, right?


 Finally, something you have to keep in mind is that all the advertising media you choose to reach the goal of registration or positioning of your school must be «orchestrated» by a comprehensive strategy.

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