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Fecha: 30 mayo, 2023

Analyze the competition, its pages and make yours better

If you want or are implementing a digital strategy, analyze the competition! For most companies analyzing competition is very important especially to know what they are doing, this is a matter of strategy and especially because of how thin the markets are lately; no matter what industry you are in, the most likely thing is that you have more than 2 competitors and some, those closest to you, take away your sleep from time to time: if not because they brought out a new product that you do not have, maybe either because they lowered their prices or took out a promotion that will affect you in clients and / or margins … in short, the competition is brutal in business and is not different in the digital world. Every day it is more important to be positioned in the first places of the searches because when your client searches the internet for a product or solution that you offer, you want to be above your competition in the searches. In this article we will tell you how the competition is analyzed, specifically its pages and how you can improve yours to improve the positioning.

Analyze the competition

The first step is very simple, go to the search engine and google as if you were a customer (be careful, do not look like your competition, it is very easy to fall into this error) look at the results that are above you or the first 3 that come out in the searches; Repeat this for at least 10 different search terms and the 3 companies that appear the most are your competition.

The first thing you want to know is what keywords you are using. An indirect method is through the searches you did, see which words or phrases were higher in each of your pages, that is, when you searched in Google a certain term or phrase, What page came first? and that surely is the key word or part of the sentence with which they decided to position that page.

Another more indirect way is to look at the structure of the page, first and most important (because it is what Google gives more relevance) is the title of the page, this is the one that appears in the search box in blue text. Second, go to the page and look for the title h1 and h2, see what words are tagged and search for the most repeated keywords. Keywords are terms in which the content can be positioned, can be exactly the same or are often synonymous with the same phrases.

Make your page better than theirs

Besides the keywords in the titles of the pages and their content, the search engines also take into account how well your page is made and how reliable it can be. This is usually a longer term strategy because it requires time and you build little by little reputation on the web, but we can start from the basics and have a plan to overcome our competition.

The first thing I recommend is that you go to and analyze the page of the competition. This tool analyzes the competition and tells you how their website is made (or yours) based on good practices in the industry and gives you a report on improvements you can make to make your page more user friendly and with the searchers. It gives you a rating from 1 to 100, and basically what you have to do with this is to make your website score much higher than your competition. This will be the basis for your SEO since it will give Google more confidence to position yourself higher if your page meets the highest quality standards in the market. All the pages made in Impactum comply with at least 90 of qualification, the pages of the clients to which we have redesigned had on average a 70 rating, so it is an improvement of about 30%.

Then there are a number of small improvements that you can make for your site that I recommend you to follow, because although they may not seem too important, those little details are what make us better than our competitors, these are:

  • Get a fast hosting
  • Buy an SSL certificate
  • Buy your domain for 5 years

Recreate and improve your strategy

Since you have a better page than your competition and you know the positioning strategy, it’s time to make some adjustments to yours and improve it. My recommendation here is that you do not try to invent the black thread, if you have the opportunity, hire an agency that does keyword analysis for you, it is not a simple process and requires a lot of planning and research, if you do not have time and the knowledge adhere to what your competition does, just try to improve it and create the content of your page in this way.

Analyze the competition constantly, check the searches periodically and install Google Search Console, is the best way you will have to track the results of your strategy and above all I recommend you to be patient, this positioning is not easy, there are many opinions found even between experts and it is always necessary that you use an iterative strategy, that is, trial and error. If you want to know more about how to try improvements on your page and do web design that works to attract real sales, I recommend you download our new ebook of «4 steps to turn your website into your # 1 seller», try a new approach, a new methodology for the development of websites that is based on information and tangible sales results: 

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