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Fecha: 30 mayo, 2023

B2B industrial marketing: 3 important factors to consider

In B2B businesses there are fundamental factors that can not be neglected if we want to achieve commercial success. That is why in this article I will explain 3 of those factors that you should consider in your industrial marketing strategies.


How the Internet has changed the way you buy?

With the expansion of the Internet, e-commerce and social networks, the way of buying of people and also of companies has changed drastically, which affects B2B Marketing and with it the patterns of relationship between brands and their consumers.

Companies no longer have the power to control what they think of them and are at the mercy of their consumers, who judge by their quality and consistency between what they say and what they offer, consumers and especially business consumers, are every day more informed and have access to reliable sources that make it easier for them to make a much more precise purchase decision.

It is normal that any individual or manager of a company, when they want to buy a product or purchase a service, go to Google to find the different prices and especially the opinion of other consumers who have purchased the product or service. If this reputation is bad, the safest thing is that the purchase is not carried out.

Therefore it is important to understand that our consumers, more than marketing what they need is guidance, to properly satisfy their consumption needs and that we facilitate the achievement of the objectives they desire with the acquisition of a certain good or service of our company.

We must understand the importance in companies of developing inbound marketing strategies, created for digital channels that not only attract prospects but are oriented to the needs of the business consumer, to listen to understand, help and generate a relationship of trust with the products and services of the brand.

Factors such as the quality of the product and the processes or services, the knowledge that is shared with the public in favor of transparency, coherence, credibility, creativity, innovation, and commitment: they are the ones that will create Inbound marketing strategies that are effective, that improve the industrial reputation and therefore sales.


The importance of the Buyer Persona and the Buyer Journey in the B2B

The buyer’s journey is the process of the purchase cycle of the target customer (also known as buyer persona), through which a customer transits, since he discovers that he has a problem that a product or service can solve, until he decides to make the purchase. The understanding of the buyer’s journey allows us to improve the conversion funnel and thus increase sales.

This process seeks to give the best content to the prospect to close the sale in a natural and unforced way, giving information along with calls to action based on active listening.

The buyer’s journey has 3 phases:

  1. The discovery: It is the phase where the prospect knows the brand, it is important to offer the best information, to achieve its attraction and that the potential client considers making the purchase.
  2. Consideration: Here the prospect is considering possible solutions, so it is time to offer useful content that will help them choose the best solution for their problems or needs. At this time it is advisable to allow the user access to books, guides, online assistance chat, contact via email, subscription newsletter or telephone line to clarify any questions, listen and answer thei specific needs.
  3. Decision: In the final stage, where the client has decided to acquire a tangible solution, it is important to offer just what the client is looking for. In this stage enters the negotiation phase, it is important to understand that it is about being at the user’s side, in order to be able to provide them at all times with the information they need to complete the sale.

Now that we understand the cycle of the purchase it is important to be clear about what is a buyer persona, which is a study based on the representation of our final consumer, built on their demographic information, their behavior, their psychological profile, needs and motivations. . It is about understanding in first person what the client wants from us and how our product or service will help him in his company, how his work will improve and how it will allow him to be more productive.

How to make the buyer persona?

The first thing to do is look for relevant data using research tools: from market studies, web pages, landing page, surveys, recruitment campaigns, subscription newsletters, etc. Where should you ask yourself questions like:

  • In what media gets information?
  • In what social networks is it present and shares information?
  • Profession and position in the organization?
  • What do they do in a work day?
  • What are their business and personal needs?
  • How can I help them solve their business needs?


Use the indicated means

In B2B businesses it is very important to find the indicated means to find other companies, industries or institutions to which we can sell our products. Some of those means are:


LinkedIn is a network created to establish professional and commercial ties and is currently the world’s largest professional contact network. In 2016, it had more than 435 million users.

On LinkedIn we can contact employees of companies with which we have maintained a direct or indirect relationship in various degrees. We can also add new contacts, which allow us to establish new direct quality commercial links.

Business catalogs

Business catalogs are industrial directories, which can be found on the Internet, where you can find contact information for suppliers and producers. They are divided into categories. These sites are reference and search references for the main participants of the different industries.

Specialized websites

Content-based web portals are designed to give valuable information to the target audience and to connect them with suppliers.

They can be used adds, banners, videos, content and sponsored articles and specific sections. Currently, they are one of the most effective channels for inbound marketing in the B2B.

As you realize, all these strategies are very effective in B2B business, each factor is vital if we want to get customers and even more lasting and successful business relationships

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