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Educational marketing. What is it and how does it work?

Educational Marketing consists of the creation of strategies for educational services, ranging from the creation of the service, which is consistent with what people need and seek in order to achieve a high perceived value; to be able to adequately communicate the message to your audience in order to empathize with them; and finally, to create relationships with people (all your students, parents, and teachers).

It is important to emphasize that being a service, and not a product, what is being sold, the client’s perception of it has a tremendously high weight in the results and we must consider the following points of Educational Marketing:

Create value relationships with Educational Marketing

In educational services, human interaction is very important. Each person has different problems, desires, and needs; as well as each one has behaviors that distinguish them.

We at Impactum hear very often that each case (of people who ask for reports or want to register) is different and that they could not group into something extremely specific; and to some extent it is true, but this is a reflection that they have not given themselves the task of analyzing their strategies according to the reactions of the market: is your message correct? Is the follow-up process appropriate? Are we really transmitting what our benefits are?

The point is that it is not about pigeon-holing your market into something extremely specific, but knowing what their general profile is. You must conduct a thorough investigation to improve your strategy and align it to the market; for this, beyond doing closed surveys, in Impactum we recommend depth interviews.

  1. Know your market well (first step of Educational Marketing)

If you do not know what the general profile of your market is, it will be very difficult for your strategies to be effective. At Impactum we always take on the task of immersing ourselves in this part, precisely to increase the percentage of effectiveness of the campaigns.

The way in which you must create the profile of your market, is divided mainly into 4 areas:

  1. Their Facts (demographics)
  2. Their Behaviors
  3. Their Needs and Goals
  4. Their Problems and Options

This not only applies to Educational Marketing, but also in other areas. And once you have everything very clear and defined, it helps you a lot to create your strategies of attraction and retention, in all senses: message, medium, market, times, and so on.

You can learn a little more about it in our article: do you really know your customers?

  1. Perceived value vs. delivered value

It is very important to do well the first step of Educational Marketing (and any strategy of attraction and growth of an institution or company). If you know all the characteristics of your client, you will know perfectly how to meet their needs and desires, making the value perceived by users is high, and that the price factor becomes less relevant.

Benefits of Educational Marketing

A well-implemented Educational Marketing strategy can help you:

A. Positioning

As we mentioned before, if you can identify what your market needs (which is rarely what they tell you they want), you will achieve an acceptance far above your competition.

B. Effective communication

Recognizing how the people you are addressing are expressing can make the difference between understanding what your benefits are and why they should choose you, or that they leave with your competition. A good investigation helps you solve it.

C. Happy customers

As you know, customers are not only our students and parents, but also our teachers. If we manage to do the previous steps well, this also has an impact on our professors being very clear about the benefits they seek to achieve and transmit, and in this way they can also live and transmit them.

D. Enviable products (educational programs)

All the research on what they want, want and most important: they need, will help us create better educational offers also focused on the environment of the city, the country or even the world.


Remember that your goal as an educational institution should be to provide value: to your students, your teachers, parents, and the environment. Having a strategy that helps you achieve this can help you stay on top of the best educational institutions. And educational marketing is useful for this.

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