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Fecha: 26 mayo, 2023

[SLIDESHARE] Effective sales presentations

The issue of effective sales presentations is very complex, because the style of selling can vary greatly according to the personality of the seller. However, it is good to create good habits that help us to have better results: from the public image we project, to how well we handle all the information related to our services and products (it is very shameful when a client asks us a question during the presentation of sales, and we do not know how to respond to it). That is why you should consider certain things, before making a presentation to a client:

Sales are changing

Traditional sales methods, such as cold calls, mass email campaigns, television or radio ads, and spectacular ones, are no longer working as before. People want to decide about what they want to see, hear and read; and this type of strategy that mentions you, is beginning to be increasingly eliminated and ignored.

Provide valuable information

With the means of communication that currently exist, and the accessibility to information, people usually inform themselves before making any purchase decision. According to a study by HubSpot, prospects have already taken 60% of the purchase decision, before they even visit a sales agent.

This is why it is important to have valuable information for our prospect, both in its exploration stage (when you they are looking for options that solve their problem) and in its decision stage (when they are going to buy).

Sales Presentations

Speaking specifically about the decision stage, if you already have your prospect in front of you in a sales presentation, there are certain data that will surely help you gain their trust and show them that you know what you are doing:

  1. Empathize with him: show him that you know what the problem is like for what he is going through, and the consequences that it entails (both businesslike and emotionally). I do not mean just talk and talk, but rather justify it with statistics.
  2. Take an attitude of help: tell him why your company can help him, first in a general way, and then explaining how you would attack each point of his problem.
  3. Show that you know what you do: show your success stories or testimonials from your customers who are happy with your services or products.

Here I show you, in a more graphic way, a little of what I already told you, and other tips for you to have effective sales presentations:

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