Content Marketing Plan

If you are looking for a methodology that engages more leads to your company without the perk of constantly investing more and more, the marketing content plan is for you. This strategy is designed to provide value and increase the organic traffic of your buyer personas. Offering a value content will help you nurture your leads in every step (exploration, consideration, and decision) you will get more quality leads in the long term.

This methodology increases views, leads and seals permanently

Focus on nurturing your prospects taking care of their needs, providing them with blogs, downloadable content, and ebooks in order to solve their problems. in other words, they will recognize as you for as the top option in the market and finally convert them into clients. You will increase in the search engine ranking as a permanent result and reduce your CAC every month..


Keyword Research

We analyze over 2 thousand keywords that will grant you a high ranking on Google search Engine. using the ones that have more volume of visits in order that your company rank on the first places

Focus on your ideal customer

We make the content plan based in one thing ¿What does your buyer persona like better? What are their problems? Specific and customize content helping for the user, helping him to buy your product or service.

Increase your prospects

Increase your organic traffic will help your buyer personas to find your company faster. Provide them with content interactions with blogs and CTA´s in order to provide them with a value offer. You will get more qualified leads and a higher conversion rate.

Buyer Persona – Knowing your ideal customer is the seed of yours company success

Every successful inbound strategy starts by knowing your buyer persona and their buyer’s journey. if your company knows what your buyer personas needs and goals and how do they make choices, it would be easier achieving sales goals for your company


Buyer Journey

In simple words is the path that your leads take in the sales process (exploration, consideration, and decision) It helps to nurture your leads in each step of the buyer’s journey in order to attract them one step closer to buy your product in an organic way.

Keyword research

Keyword analysis and the buyer journey. Our content plan analyze more than 2 thousand keywords, how many searches each one has, the cost of each one, and then we pound each one according to your buyer persona in each step of the buyer’s journey. The result is a unique content plan that provides you with results.


Optimization and setting up the CMS

We will build for you a customized CMS that will you in the process. allowing you to manage apps and plugins for strategies more complex and practic If you already have a web site, we will use it only if it can support the strategies that will help to grow your business.

Content creation

High-value content for your Buyer Pesona
We will help you write the articles that you need for an effective lead attraction for your buyer persona, we SEO optimize them and publish your content on your CMS, all with the best practices .


Impactum is filled with a team of experts that has guided us, they taught us the inbound methodology and the creation of high-value content. They optimize our marketing campaigns, the result is a high improvement in our investments, they provide us with clarity on what we invest and the results on our investments We achieved high goals with them, we are very happy having them working with us.

Lina Carvajal

Marketing Director, Cuauhtémoc University


Increase of Organic Traffic


College growth


Increase on the conversion rate

Marketing Consult

If you would like to learn more about content marketing for your site and increase organic positioning, take a free marketing consult with one of our specialists to improve results in your business.

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