Learn how you can improve your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) or Conversion Optimization to increase the number of people accessing your website and take action such as providing their data and subscribing to your mailings list. Inbound Marketing tools help you find areas of opportunity and tell you how to improve them.

Make your website more effective in a very simple way

Through in-depth analysis of the behavior of your website visitors, you’ll be able to understand exactly what points to improve and take care of to get visitors to your site moving on your conversion path the way you want them to, as well as knowing where and why they’re stopping in the process.


Through a well-structured web design that gives value and solutions to the user so that they are interested in gaining more information and access to more value content.


Through complete and useful information for the user to provide you with solutions that motivate you to continue browsing the website as well as to complete the conversion path and provide your data to the company.



Provide the user with the necessary tools so that they understand that the company is the best solution for their problem or need and in this way I realized their path of conversion by scheduling an appointment with the company.

Website analysis

This analysis seeks to determine whether the structure of the website is correct so that it is user-friendly and guided by the structure of the page towards the desired sections, making it more enjoyable and effective.

Analysis of user behavior on the website

By analyzing the behavior of users while they are inside the website you can know which sections are the ones that more and less attract their attention as well as where they click and where they do not. This way you can optimize the page to get the user to click where they want.

Get the conversion rate

By means of the conversion rate, in which the number of visits on the page is analyzed along with the number of users who subscribe and complete the conversion path you can get the percentage of effectiveness of the page, so that you can see whether the page is actually being effective or not.

Making changes and improvements

Make changes to the design, set and structure of the page based on the results obtained in the previous fields and with the main objective of raising the conversion rate through a better user experience.

Optimize conversion

Once you know where and what needs to be optimized, it’s time to do it so that more users complete the conversion path and subscribe to a mailings list, make an appointment, or buy a product or service.

Impactum brought us a whole methodology to speak to our customers from the “How can I help you solve your problems” approach. We have managed to communicate better with our client even in traditional media thanks to the inbound. The result has been to move far away from our competition thanks to the way we reach our customers differently and constantly achieving growth goals.

Lina Carvajal

Promotion and Communication Director, Cuauhtémoc University


College growth


Decrease in CPA


Increased organic traffic


Access an instant free diagnostic of your website and current conversion rate to see the current status of your website. Learn how we can help you improve and increase your number of subscribers and contacts generated.

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