Demand Generation Campaign

Manage to apply marketing and sales strategies in your company allowing you to create a desire in your market. In other words, you will get higher company growth

Demand Generation and lead attraction

You can get more prospects month after month, you will know the benefits of what your investing on, and what you are accomplishing with that investment, also we will provide you with real-time data that you can use on your favor


Stop using traditional digital strategies, and focus your efforts in growing your business with an effective demand methodology. Stop wasting time and aim in those clients who really need to be sold ..


Effective results

Maximize the profits of your demand campaigns with effective digital strategies that will get results in the short and long term, this will not also grow your business but it also nurture your clients date base



Listen to the needs of your target market. Stand out and rank as an expert in your industry by your product or service. We will plan the strategy to give your company the push that you need.

Identify your Buyer Persona

Do you have a Buyer Persona? If not we can help with a Buyer Persona workshop in order to plan a Buyer Journey, adapting this Buyer Journey in your sales process Knowing your Buyer Persona is the seed of an effective marketing campaign.
A demand campaign starts with your Buyer Persona and Buyers Journey, we aim for customized strategies based on your target needs.

Creation of attraction content

Writing downloadable material such as guide templates, ebooks, among others that complement the strategy and that will influence the conversion and loyalty of your buyer person causing a generation of constant and scalable demand while we manage to position you as an expert in your industry.

Campaña de generación de demanda

We apply programmatic marketing techniques to create digital campaigns that will inevitably lead to the generation of leads. With your help, we qualify and generate more and better-qualified leads to buy the product or service that you offer for them.


Together we will implement a CRM in your company that will support your monitoring, classification of leads, and sales opportunities that may arise in the sales funnel process. A tool that will also help you detonate aspects such as where you should invest more time or budget and whatnot for the marketing and sales departments.

We used to invest in digital and traditional media but we didn’t know exactly what each one generated, now we have metrics of digital investments that help us to improve, this allows us to decide the path we can take to get the best result. We generate the same ad spending in our media plan but getting better results, thanks to Impactum we have very good performance of our investments.

Lina Carvajal

Promotion and Communication Director, Cuauhtémoc University


Decreased CPA


Increased Organic Traffic


Leads conversion enhancement

Marketing Consult

At Impactum we align our strategies with your objectives and establish goals that are actionable and measurable. Schedule a free initial marketing consultation, where we discuss how we can help you achieve your goals and grow your company.

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