Through methodological tools such as a Buyer Persona (your ideal client) and their Buyers Journey (the process that people follow to become a client), you will be able to meet your ideal consumer. Based on this, a conversion path is developed in which the user reaches a landing page where they can fill out a form to provide their data in exchange for some benefit such as valuable content.

Find your ideal client and give them what they need

By knowing exactly your ideal consumer, you will be able to develop personalized strategies so that he can find you when he needs it and begin a process of conversation with the company to finally become a customer through the use of conversion paths in which the user is directed. to a landing page in which you will fill out a form with your information in exchange for valuable content, turning it into a lead for the company.



Collect information about the ideal consumer so that their behavior, needs, problems and ways in which they seek to solve them can be known in detail.


Understand the process that consumers go through from the moment they meet the company until they complete a purchase to provide the best experience and ensure that at the end of the journey they become a customer.


Sort out

Provide answers and solutions to the user through valuable content that is of interest to them and causes them to be inclined to start a conversation with the company in search of solving their problem or need.

Creating the Buyer Persona

Carry out research on the company’s ideal client to understand their needs and behavior so that a personalized strategy can be developed specifically for the user through content of value for him.

Structure of Buyers Journey

Understand the process that the user goes through from the moment he is aware of having a problem or need, begins to explore possible solutions or products online, finds the company and starts a conversation with it.

Content generation

Generate content of value for the client based on their needs and behavior to provide solutions and valuable information that lead them to know the company, become familiar with it and provide their data to finally become a client.

Conversion path generation

The user is directed to a landing page in which he is invited to fill out a form with his data in exchange for a value offer such as downloadable content, later he is sent to a thank you page as he receives an email from thanks and the downloadable content is provided to you.

Impactum’s strategies in the campaigns are unique, we have received more prospects and of better quality investing the same, also thanks to CRM we have better control over the follow-ups we do and we can demonstrate results to the directors as a team, they have become our partners and support to do a better job and show it.


Commercial manager, Casas San Miguelito


Decrease in CPA

Lead growth


Appointment growth

Content Marketing plan creation

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