Inbound Marketing for the Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Marketing faces many challenges based on the environment in which it is located, here we will show you how you can take advantage of your resources in both marketing and sales to increase your positioning and your conversion from Leads to Clients.

Position yourself as a Real Estate Leader in your area

The market is constantly changing, as well as their ways of buying, the trends that consumers present are affected by a large number of variables, therefore, we offer you our guide about Real Estate Trends

Learn about the best practices to market your real estate project in 2021. In this guide we share topics such as:


  • Trends under construction: what is the market looking for?
  • Trends in purchase: What sells faster?
  • Trends for sale that work best: innovation in broadcast channels.

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FIRST THINGS FIRST: Understand the process

Define your buyer persona

It begins by understanding perfectly well who you are addressing. Everything you do around your strategies has to be linked to the people you want to attract. This is a semi-fictitious representation of your ideal client, they help you to know how the audience you want to reach is represented and turn it into real clients, this will help you define by what means you can establish contact and what type of content can be of interest to you.


Cause an attraction

Satisfy your customers with unique content, reliable, educational and informative, for example: if your market is flat properties (apartments), in areas such as Querétaro or San Luis Potosí, then you must use keywords so that people who belong to that market find you more easily and you help create an interest in them through content created specifically and especially for them.


Turning them into something else can work

This is the part that you make that prospect or person of interest stop being a stranger and become (at least) a contact; these indecisive, confused, inexperienced contacts, who have come to you in search of the best option in a real estate agency that is the solution to their problems and needs. Convert your visitors into leads through the use of effective approaches. Also use calls to action to present an opportunity to your visitors.

Close that deal!

Once you have done the above well, it is important to generate that sale, it is time to convert your leads that were generated on your site to be customers and pass them on to your sales team. Emailing is a great way to gain the trust that leads turn into customers. Segment your contacts well and the best thing will be to personalize your emails so that you turn your readers into loyal followers of your brand and into potential customers to sell your properties in the future.

Keep delighting them

The fact that you close that sale does not mean that your work is finished, by going beyond the expectations of the clients, there is the opportunity to turn them into promoters of your brand or product, because after a good experience the chances are that your real estate agency recommended is definitely high, thanks to the good reviews and comments about the goods you have for sale.

The customer experience is born from the first interaction when they went from strangers to visitors to your site, by accompanying people in their purchase process it gives confidence and security in their decision so you should not let this end, because customers they have needs and problems to face in your market and in some future you will be the first option for them.

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