Inbound Marketing

The methodology that helps you generate demand for your business in a scalable way. Stop investing so much budget in PPC or offline strategies and create a strategy that grows over time and becomes an intangible asset of your company. Inbound helps you create a human, personalized and modern experience throughout your marketing, sales and customer service process.

Una metodología para el crecimiento de tu empresa

It is not just isolated tactics to generate leads or improve your closings, inbound includes a comprehensive methodology that helps your company focus on increasing the value of long-term customers, constantly reducing the cost of acquiring new ones. customers and improve the demand generation process by touching the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service departments.



Through methods that guarantee the constant acquisition of new prospects, creating valuable content that attracts the Buyer Persona from the moment the need arises until they make a decision.


Turn into

Taking prospects knowing their Buyer Journey and defining a customer-aligned business process. Making the follow-up and closing of the sale human and personalized, making the purchase easy for the customer.


Activate the most important growth channel for businesses, their own clients by turning them into promoters, helping clients to help themselves and provide an extraordinary experience.

Know your client

Buyer Persona and Buyer Journey Workshop – knowing your ideal client is the basis of everything

Every great inbound strategy starts from the knowledge of your buyer person and their buyer journey, if we are clear about the needs and goals of the client and how they make the decision, it will be much easier to generate winning strategies. In our workshop under the methodology of design thinking you will discover it.

Growth plan

Plan and Analysis – The competitive environment, analysis and digital audit together with your inbound action plan

We will analyze you and your main competition in the most relevant points in an inbound strategy to know the areas that you have to improve and define concrete actions to do it, in this plan you will have a year of work embodied in the first month, which will give you an Forward compass clear the rest of the project.

We create valuable content

Content plan – Analysis of keywords and their relationship in the buyer journey

Our content plan analyze more than 2 thousand keywords, how many searches each one has, the cost of each one, and then we pound each one according to your buyer persona in each step of the buyer’s journey. The result is a unique content plan that provides you with results.

Content creation
High-value content for your Buyer Pesona

We will help you write the articles that you need for an effective lead attraction for your buyer persona, we SEO optimize them and publish your content on your CMS, all with the best practices .

Lead generation

We generate leads like you have never done before

Thanks to the knowledge of the buyer person and the content, we generate PPC strategies in the main internet ad networks so that you generate qualified demand like you have never achieved before, it does not matter if you already do PPC on your own, we usually improve performance 3X in lead generation.

Lead Scoring y Lead Nurturing
Qualify and help your prospects in a humane way without investing so much time

Thanks to marketing automation we help you detect those prospects who are ready to talk with your sales team from those who are not and with these we help you bring them closer to the decision stage through hyper-personalized content to their context.

Growth Suite

Use tools to your advantage

We implement tools that help you control all the key processes of your growth in your marketing, sales and customer service departments, which will allow you to make better decisions, measure and control the most important part of your company, its growth.

Sales enablement
We design the winning business process and train your team

With the use and management of CRM we realize the opportunity areas of your team and your process, we get involved with them and we seek to reinvent it. We train people in the technique but we also manage them so that they achieve their objectives in a systematic way and achieve more with less.

Process automation

We make your organization more efficient

We analyze key processes, mainly commercial, and automate them, thus reducing the response time to prospects and clients and, to a great extent, human error. We strengthen the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service areas with automation in addition to giving them tools that make their work easier. The final beneficiary will be your client.

Customer delight
Identification and activation of promoters of your company

We design surveys under the NPS (net promoter score) methodology to identify your satisfied customers and promote a recommendation or buyback, but we also identify your detractor customers to address their problems and help you increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Impactum brought us a whole methodology to speak to our customers from the “How can I help you solve your problems”. We have managed to communicate better with our clients even in traditional media thanks to the inbound methodology. The result is that our company is above our competitors because we reach our customers differently and consistently achieve growth goals. We have a very different language than any other university towards our prospects, we provide our customers with attributes that generate value.

Lina Carvajal

Promotion and Communication Director, Cuauhtémoc University


University growth


Decrease in CPA


Annual increase in organic visits


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