Inbound Sales

This methodology will allow you to filter your contacts in order to convert them into customers. Stop investing time and productive hours in providing attention to contacts who aren’t really interested in your product. You will get the relevant information that your contacts are looking for so that you can customize your sales process with each contact in an easy and effective way.

Sell only to people who need to be sold.

Reduce the cost of acquiring customers, know the needs of your customers in an easy and agile way, ask yourself: What do they really look for from your product or service? and be able to use that information for your advantage. You’ll be able to measure the progress of your sales team in real-time, as well as their areas of opportunity in order to increase the speed of closures in your sales process.

Speed Up

Transform your CRM into a database that prioritizes contacts that require your business or service and sell them through a personalized sales process based on their needs/requirements to speed up your closures.


Measure your sales team’s performance, and based on those results, you can provide them with the tools they need to speed up their sales processes and increase their productivity.


The process will allow you to increase your ROI (return of investment) percentage, reduce time lost on non-qualified contacts (marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads) and achieve more with less (save time).



Set up your buyer persona, what are they looking to buy? How do they want to buy it? and How they are looking for information?

Knowing your ideal customer in order to know their problems, goals, or needs will create value in your business, and knowing the steps they take will establish a suitable path for your sales process.


Establish a buyer journey for your ideal customer to guide them in order that they acknowledge all the benefits that your company has to offer.

Let your customers know why you’re the best choice on the market. This will allow you to position your company above your competitors and especially attract more customers to your business.


What are your customers looking for? Improve their life? Solve a problem? Find a great product or service? Find the best option on the market?

Imagine that your sales team can count on this information in real-time. The methodology will give you a broader picture of your customers’ needs.


At this point, we already know all the needs of your potential buyers.

Your sales team will be ready to close the sale, you’ll increase the efficiency, ROI percentage, and productivity of your sales team. We automate this process so that you will have a constant flow of leads.

Impactum brought us a whole methodology to speak to our customers from the “How can I help you solve your problems”. We have managed to communicate better with our clients even in traditional media thanks to the inbound methodology. The result is that our company is above our competitors because we reach our customers differently and consistently achieve growth goals. We have a very different language than any other university towards our prospects, we provide our customers with attributes that generate value.


Marketing Director, Cuathémoc University


College growth


Decrease in CPA


Increased organic traffic


Access to an instant and free diagnosis about your business strategy, answer a short survey and we’ll send you a diagnosis with the most important strategies you need to consider to increase your sales in your business.

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