Lead Generation

A fundamental part of any good Digital Marketing strategy is the Leads Generation. Applying this tactic we will help you create value offers based on the needs of your clients and prospects, positioning yourself at the top of your industry.

Better sales opportunities

Align your marketing and sales efforts in personalized strategies for your ideal client, achieving a scalable and permanent attraction for your leads (prospects), to position your product or service in the first places of search engines and your industry. Reduce your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) gradually and boost your business efficiently.

Buyer Persona

We base all our strategies to attract leads starting from your buyer persona, this methodology will avoid spending effort, time and money on people who are not entirely interested in your company or prospects who are not compatible for your product or service.

Lead Magnets

Attract and convert your ideal customers through the application of inbound strategies, specially designed to capture leads who are really interested in knowing and acquiring your product or service.


Manage and effectively improve the interaction your company has with customers or prospects. And at the same time, get the opportunity to measure the productivity of your sales team, taking control of all contact processes by automating them.

Buyer Persona:

Knowing your ideal client or prospect in detail will allow you to send the right message to the right person. Helping to focus clearly on the lead generation strategies with the greatest possibility of success compared to a traditional strategy.

Content (Lead Magnets):

Get better sales opportunities through the accelerated growth of your client portfolio, with the help of the execution of valuable content tactics such as e-books, guides, templates, among others. Designed based on the stage of the purchase process and your needs. Managing to attract your ideal client effectively.

Conversion paths:

We design based on the buyer journey (the buyer’s path) a series of steps that guide, “leading” the prospect from the search for a solution to their problem or opportunity, to the purchase of your product or service.

Paid campaigns (Social Media and Paid Search):

We will plan and implement digital strategies, social media and paid search campaigns, with the focus of obtaining an optimal percentage of lead conversions compared to the ROI percentage and achieving the objectives set according to the needs of your company. ”Reduces acquisition costs of a scalable way ”.

CRM HubSpot Free:

We use the HubSpot CRM which is specialized in effectively managing our prospects, giving you the opportunity to know in detail the history of your prospects. At the meantime it allows measuring and optimize the efforts of the lead generation campaigns.

Impactum brought us a whole methodology to speak to our customers from the “How can I help you solve your problems”. We have managed to communicate better with our clients even in traditional media thanks to Inbound. The result is that our company is above our competitors because we reach our customers differently and consistently achieve growth goals. We have a language very different from any other university towards our prospects, I convince you by attributes that you value.

Lina Carvajal

Director of Advocacy and Communication,, Cuauhtémoc University


Decrease in CPA


Increase in Organic Traffic


Improvement in Lead conversion


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