The B2B (Business to business) type of trade consists of buying and selling between companies, prior to the product or service reaching an end consumer. This type of trade requires a specific methodology to be carried out and is most commonly presented in the industry. By generating value content, these leads will be used to turn them into customers.

A methodology for your company to succeed in the industry

A B2B strategy will help you efficiently reach your desired customers, as well as stand out from the rest of the competition, as it is a very competitive market and companies receive tons of offers day by day. Content generation will give value to your business and generate a better impression on the lead, making it a customer.


Content generation will help your business position itself better in search engines organically, which means you’ll be one of the first results that the engines throw at the time the user performs a related search.



Make it clear to the prospect how you can help him, demonstrating the vast knowledge and experience of the company, making it clear why you are the best choice over the rest of the competition.

Improving sales

This process will help generate leads and increase the company’s customer base, providing the sales team with a better opportunity to concrete the business because of the information it has about the user, providing a better service.

Know the market

Know exactly which market you want to reach to be sure which channels you need to use, as well as what your customers main problems and needs are and what your business can do to help and represent value.

Create Value Content

Based on customer behavior and needs, develop valuable content that provides solutions and useful information so that the customer can perceive the company’s knowledge and be sure that the company can provide you with effective and competitive solutions.

Create Conversion Paths

Place calls to action on each value content that orillens the user to provide their information to the company in exchange for more content, advice or special offers, so that the user can be contacted later to follow up on the solutions it requires and send it more relevant information.

Nurturing the user

Once you have the user’s contact information, it’s time to continue to send them more valuable content or information relevant to them, such as event invitations or downloading more content of interest to you, so that you continue to interact with the company and form a conversation.

Pass the information to the sales team

Since the customer is known, their needs, behavior and their data is available, the sales team will be ready to contact him and treat him directly, offering him the products and services of the company in a personalized way, managing to realize the sale.

Impactum has always been shown more as a business partner than as a supplier, as they are able to react immediately to any need that arises in our company, which by having as a star product a service that is in a position vulnerable to changes based on official regulations before the law we need to generate immediate changes from the way we communicate, the use of certain words even certain strategies overnight.


Marketing Director, Grupo CyH


growth in Leads


Increase in organic visits

Closed business grew


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