Marketing and Sales Alignment

The implementation of planning strategies and systematization of processes in relation to the collaboration between the marketing department and the sales department, with the firm purpose of achieving a balance between the daily activities of both departments, obtaining measurable results in favor of your company achieve your business goals efficiently.

Coordinate marketing-sales and get better results

The alignment of both departments will target the generation of better-qualified leads for the closing of the sale, which will result in more closings and better effectiveness of both departments. That with the help of constructive communication and effective coordination between both departments, more efficient sales work will be achieved, you will achieve more with less …



Promotion and simplification of communication and feedback actively-effectively between the marketing and sales department regarding the daily tasks to be carried out in relation of your leads.

Precise Actions

Establishing marketing and sales strategies with a series of unified actions for the same purpose, obtain more and better-qualified leads, collecting relevant information for both areas in a practical way.

Work Systematization

Using a CRM that unifies the marketing and sales metrics to effectively measure your results while centralizing all the information and processes about your clients and prospects.


We will offer you a workshop where the methodology, that we will apply throughout the application of the service will be presented in more depth, and we will make a diagnosis of the initial state of the company in relation to the marketing/sales teams and the actions they are currently carrying out, achieving denotes an effective starting point.

SLA Creation

We will make a series of agreements in which we will denote actions in conjunction with your marketing and sales teams, using Inbound methodologies. We create a common language for the marketing and sales team that will lead to further growth in your company.

CRM Implementation

With the support of this tool, we will be able to hear and know what your company’s market is looking for. By having this knowledge, we will be able to design together strategies tailored to your company and its needs that will positively benefit your results and the relationship with customers.

Defining marketing and sales metrics

We will agree with the marketing and sales metrics to examine that will support the creation of a clear and effective sales funnel that will be established in the company between both departments to support them in homogenizing the analytics that the results show and carry out better customer acquisition actions.

Thanks to Impactum we have a CRM that allows us to organize the workloads of our sales team and see their results every week. Today we can measure much more of our business process and with much better accuracy, we know the key stages that our prospects have to go through and we know the efficiency percentages of each stage, which allows us to better estimate our growth.

Lina Carvajal

Promotion and Communication Director, Cuauhtémoc University


University growth


Increased productivity


Improved lead conversion

Do you know the status of your smarketing strategy?

Access an instant and free diagnosis of your current marketing and sales strategy to answer a short survey and we will send you a diagnosis with the most important strategies that you should consider to improve results in your business.

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