The strategy will allow you to place your company in the first places of the search engines, acquire more organic traffic reducing your CPA (acquisition cost) in a scalable way. Make your website one of your company’s greatest assets by making it a constant source of income, with the minor effort of your sales team.

Dominate search engines

Forget about investing in non-segmented advertising, through this methodology you will ensure that your Buyer People (ideal customers) can easily find you in search engines, increase your sales through organic traffic, and gradually increase your ROI (Return of Investment) percentage. . Place yourself over your competitors


Forget about having a web page that is not useful for Google search engines, our methodology will allow you to design your page based on the criteria that your customers are looking for. using the prevailing factors of Google.

User Experience

Search engines show results based on different criteria, the user experience is vital to achieve a good positioning, Offer your customers valuable content so that they can carry out the sales process by themselves.


The SEM strategy will allow you to be positioned in the first places in paid rankings, in other words, you will be the first option in the market when they look for your service, you will denote your brand against the competition.

Buyer Persona.

We will identify the behaviors of your ideal client to know:

How do they look for the service you offer? How do they look for the service of the competition? What factors make your audience choose your company? What factors make your audience choose the competition?


We optimize your website so that your buyer person can find your company more easily.

Reduce your CPA and increase your organic traffic exponentially by reducing investments for paid advertising and increasing your business conversions.


Increase the percentage of your ROI by offering a unique experience in browsing your website

Search engines will recognize your page as the best in your industry. Position yourself against the competition in a permanent and scalable way.


Do not invest in advertising that does not generate conversions

Our SEM planning will put your website in the eyes of your ideal client before they know they require your product or service, increase the conversion rate exponentially, in other words, you will be able to position yourself among your ideal market as the first option.

Impactum has always shown itself more as a business partner than as a supplier since they are able to react immediately to any need that arises in our company, which by having as a star product a service that is in a vulnerable position to changes Based on official regulations before the law, we need to generate immediate changes in the way we communicate, the use of certain words and even certain strategies from one day to the next one.


Marketing Director, Grupo CyH


Increase of leads in one year

Organic Views


Conversion from leads to SQLs


Access an instant and free diagnosis of your current positioning strategy for your website, answer a short survey and we will send you a diagnosis with the most important strategies that you should consider to improve your business conversions.

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