We work in conjunction with HubSpot, an Inbound marketing platform which helps companies attract visitors, convert them into qualified prospects and ultimately convert them into customers.

The way of working together with HubSpot is ideal to be able to deliver the desired results to the client. At Impactum we design the growth strategy while HubSpot gives us the necessary tools for its analysis and of course, to generate a database in which these are stored on your site.

The ideal tool for your company’s growth

  • Define the purchase journey of your website visitors, from the point of how your service is searched, to a point of which pages they previously visited before yours.
  • Complete monitoring of the interaction of your prospects with your website (what pages they visited, what content they are interested in and much more).
  • Capture potential customers to subsequently correctly follow up on that request and purchase intention that was registered through the interaction on the website.

Improve and grow your company

The HubSpot platform has a CRM in which the database is generated from the strategies created to attract potential customers. This platform will be customized according to the needs and focus of your company.

Streamlines processes

The Hubspot platform has all the functionalities and areas necessary to generate ideal Inbound strategies for your company’s profile. All these processes are carried out within the CRM Hubspot to work together.

Brings you closer to your prospects

Hubspot has the ideal features for any business looking to excel. It shows you in detail each movement of your prospects to be able to have knowledge of the needs you seek to cover.

What is the Hubspot Service Hub and how does it help your business?

Service Hub is the HubSpot tool which is focused on customer service since today the attention that it receives will undoubtedly define part of the future of the company. This tool will allow you to correctly monitor your customers but above all help them at all times and guide them at the time of purchase and even when they are not present.

What is the inbound service?

Inbound selling goes beyond a sales process, this methodology considers the sales process as the least aggressive way to sell and we could define it as a rational sale and in which you educate the potential consumer. Learn about this sales methodology that seeks to streamline your results, focusing all your processes on the way people buy today.

Customer delight

The generation of trust is essential to design a strategy in order to get more customers. They always expect to have the certainty that their expectations will be met beyond 100%. Discover how to cover this fundamental stage in your clients.

How to save on marketing and advertising (10 reasons not to)

Sadly, people and companies think that saving on marketing is a good option, since most of your clients already know you, recommend you and find out about your business through word of mouth. Does this sound familiar? Has it happened to you? Now I have news for you, this is not a good action to take, if you cut your marketing budget it means that your efforts to reach out and get to know the customer better will be affected: which means fewer sales opportunities!

Importance of marketing in the early stages of your Startup

Marketing can be (and has proven to be) the difference between startup success and failure. Thinking of marketing as a tool to set plans and strategies that can help us to empower and develop our Startup is essential. All this is part of the marketing strategy, because your business plan starts from the inside, and then it can go out and reach customers, investors and consumers.

“Impactum has always shown itself more as a business partner than as a supplier since they are capable of reacting immediately to any need that may arise in our company, which by having as a star product a service that is in a vulnerable position to changes based on official regulations before the law we need to generate immediate changes in the way we communicate, the use of certain words and even certain strategies from one day to the next. “


Marketing Director, Grupo CyH


Leads growth from 2018 to 2019


Growth in your organic visits


Converting Leads to Sales Qualified Prospect (SQL)


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