Fecha: 16 junio, 2023

How to convert your Facebook likes into sales

Surely, you have ever encountered an internal battle against your competition to get more likes than them … but have you ever wondered how many of those likes, are real potential customers? This is what should matter to us when getting followers in our social networks, because at the end of the day what will make our company survive are sales, and not the thumbs up.

That is why we will discuss, briefly, 4 steps to get your likes on Facebook to true prospects, and these become customers:

1. What is your objective?

You should know why you are doing, what you are doing: are you looking to increase your database of prospects ?, do you have an online store and  you want to increase the number of transactions ?, or maybe you are looking to increase the virality of the content of your brand? This is the first step to be able to define a successful marketing strategy in social networks.

2. It is not only about giving, but also receiving

Speaking specifically about sales strategies in social networks, you should seek to get the contact data of those people who were already interested in your content, because it means that they could be potential customers for you. Whatever you post on Facebook, try to create a call to action, that means: it is a button or link, with which your potential customers leave your information in exchange for a gift that you provide them. This gift should be something that gives value to your prospect, either: a manual on a specific topic, Ebooks, research results, webinars, demonstrations or advice on a specific topic or product, among others. The more value you give to your customers, the more data you can ask for in return; You could even ask the position you have in your company (let’s be honest, we all look for the decision maker to sell you).

3. Use your voice

If you’ve already found them, do not lose them by directing them to third-party sites. Create your own content and show them that you know what you do, giving them the advice, recommendations,  or whatever your prospect needs.

4. Do A/B tests

This is about doing experiments. There is no kitchen rule to chart our marketing strategies on Facebook, and only our audience can tell you what works and what does not, so, when defining your message, create at least two variants for the same purpose. For example: an experiment can be to define the days and hours that best answer, creating posts on different days and times, and measuring the results. Another experiment that is worth doing is the type of content, that is, you can send the same message with a video, with an image and an article, and also, measure the results and choose your winner.

This type of experiment should be done with each of the campaigns you do to measure quickly, learn, and adopt what worked best.

Remember that at the end of the day it is about sales; So as long as you have a well-defined campaign goal and true value contributions, the greater the possibility that your followers will become potential prospects, and your ROI (return on investment) in your social media campaigns will be greater.

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