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Improve your educational advertising

Improve your educational advertising, investing in the right media

Educational advertising, do you have a college or university? Surely you know many things related to the performance of your institution such as your place in the last academic test, the number of students with excellence or with a certain average as well as students who fail, but do you know how to attract more students?

The student is the fundamental piece of any educational institution, without students we can not function and these are the ones that not only give us the reason for being of the institute but are the ones that build it and give it prestige, a school is only as good as its students show it, this is why it is fundamental to be able to attract the students we want and to achieve this we must know where to put our money. 

The most popular media for educational advertising

Most of the schools invest in magazines, leaflets and depending on size up to spectacular but with about 50 schools contacted so far, very few actually measure their effectiveness. 

Universities, on the other hand, invest in a bit more massive media, since the offer is much broader and often does not respect geographical limits, allowing students to travel to study a certain career in a certain place. Universities usually invest in spectacular, radio, television and most are already beginning to try digital media but with little budget compared to other media.

The most effective means for educational advertising

In our experience in Impactum generating an approximate of 20 prospects a day for schools and universities we can say that the most effective means are digital media.

As in any industry this depends on who does the work because social networks are a medium in which you can easily invest large amounts without generating results, it is really easy to lose money in these media.

On the other hand, if you know how to support an expert you can generate great results, our campaigns today generates on average one prospect for every $20 pesos invested and our most successful clients generate up to 100 prospects each month with much lower investments than if they invested in radio, tv or spectaculars.

When you invest in radio or TV, do you ask for results from the person selling you the ads? Well, we would say that to our clients because they have the right to demand that from us and they should do it with the other means. The fact that all schools invest in mass media does not necessarily mean that they are the best, they fulfill very specific functions such as positioning but they require very large budgets reserved for larger universities and ironically those that already have prestige. For other colleges and universities it is very important not to invest in high cost media, especially if they do not guarantee a result or you are not sure if it will work, the advantage of digital media is also that you can invest little by little and gradually increase according to the effectiveness.

How to make my media plan

If you want to invest in any medium, the first thing you have to do is put in place a system that allows you to identify where customers are coming from, the simplest thing is that you put people who give reports «Where did you hear about us?» but in a systematic and supervised way, if you only ask half of the people this will not work, you must survey 100% of the people who arrive otherwise you will not have reliable data.

Once you make sure you identify where the people requesting reports came from, make sure to account for the investment you make in each of the media and then cross information so that you have the amount that is invested in one medium, the number of reports that are given thanks to that means and a plus is the number of students who actually enroll.

Now all you have to do is do this for each of the media and that’s it! You will have a media plan with its effectiveness broken down. It invests more and more in those that generate more results and invests less in those that do not.

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