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Inbound marketing for real estate companies [CASE STUDY]

Inbound marketing is a strategy that can be exploited by all types of businesses, as in this case; real estate. Because it is not only aimed at technological issues or large digital corporations, inbound marketing are digital techniques to increase the number of potential customers and retain them better, than with the techniques currently used.

The real estate market is totally competitive at present, it is a red ocean, since it is nothing new, nevertheless it is in constant growth and with a great future. But for you as the owner or sales manager to exploit the potential of this business, it is necessary that you have a broad domain of digital platforms and be able to be above your competitors.

A research by RE / MAX, one of the three most important real estate organizations in the world, ensures that, currently, 90% of buyers research first online to find a new home, so they decide to invest in training their agents so that they have knowledge of marketing and sales over the internet, instead of just advertising on television or newspapers. In most cases, the traditional word of mouth is no longer enough to sell and only slows down the sales process.

Also a key element to make inbound marketing efficient in its entirety, is to hire the right team. There is no direct relationship between low age and good management of social networks, however it is proven that young people can be better recipients of this type of information. Besides, having accounts in social networks does not mean that you know how to manipulate them in a professional way; not only basic knowledge is needed but also the ability to understand adequate procedures to be present in search engines, advertisements and platforms around the real estate business. All this, in order to be present in the minds of consumers, through places they visit on the internet and independent ads.

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) recognizes that although 60% of buyers say they want to work with a seller they know, there is a 40% who today seeks more and better opportunities and that in the long term this percentage goes rising. And in practice most buyers end up working with anyone as long as the information they give them is to their liking and the attention is as personalized as possible. That is to say, it is very likely that they are not literally interested in actually knowing the seller, but rather that the company or brand that they represent is reliable; something that can also be achieved with good content in digital media and not only in person.

There is no agent affiliated with the NAR who does not know that you must create extraordinary and original content to attract qualified visitors to your website. 85% of the agents that provide, in blogs and social networks, new information about services close to the properties, resale value, forms of financing, recognize that they are much more likely to be found online by buyers.

An example already mentioned is RE / MAX, long before the inbound marketing was known as such, they were already present and social networks, so it generated a great advantage over their older competitors and even against new competitors that they did not have the same prestige. Most vendors have a wide variety of tools to try to keep up with all their leads and, in many cases, struggle to manage a large list of prospects, updated and reliable. RE / MAX recognize that HubSpot helps them to automate this process, that through blog can be released a lot of important information, that probably if it were all concentrated in a single web page, it would be very tedious and even excessive.

That is why the 3 most important advantages for real estate agencies when using inbound marketing are:

1. Reduce time

Having an inboud marketing strategy not only saves time for customers who search the Internet, but it is more likely that as a company you do not have to spend too much time visiting one customer at a time. Clients who really need your personal time, will have more knowledge than they look for what they have already seen on the internet and the appointment will be more productive. And the time you save with non-potential customers you can use to update and vary the content of all the digital platforms you manage.

2. Increase the number of potential customers

It is impressive how through the internet and the correct processes, thousands of clients can be contacted; numbers that would be impossible to match by traditional methods like an advertisement in the newspaper. And following the logic between more potential customers, greater probability of real customers and greater sales.

3. Build loyalty in existing customers

Very likely the same client will not buy 5 properties a year, however keeping it updated and constantly reminding you of your brand, will make it continue with you in the long term. If the content that you show is creative and interesting, it will continue to visit you and finally he will be a client who will recommend you to his acquaintances with excellent reviews and opinions.

That is why regardless of the size or age of your company, it is essential to be present in social networks, and even more, not only to be present but to handle them persistently so that they can generate real benefits, without fear of being eliminated by the competition.

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