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Inbound Marketing for schools

The inbound marketing for schools is a new marketing methodology but it covers the entire way of buying the client before you know, through the sale and until you get to recommend, doing all actions focused on the client and always looking to help him.

 «And what does that have to do with my school? I do not have clients, I have students «we have heard it many times and they are absolutely right, that is exactly what the methodology says, your clients are not numbers, they are people and they have problems and needs in which you can help them. This methodology is the closest form that there is in the market of the way of thinking that the owners and directors of schools have, in the next paragraphs we will help you to understand its advantages.

What is inbound marketing for schools?

Inbound marketing translates as attraction marketing and differs from other media because it does not seek to interrupt people as it would a spectacular, spot or commercial that appears at random, but seeks to reach the right person, in the indicated time and with the information that helps them solve a specific problem or need.

In addition, as a methodology, it is something much more integral that seeks to measure and improve processes since the person knows you, becomes a prospect, a client and later an evangelist of your school.

What can I achieve in my school with inbound marketing?

In the first place, you will achieve a conection between marketing and sales and also the academic part, since this methodology, when well applied, allows you to understand the role that each department or person plays in the internal processes of the school and how each one is responsible for a part that forms a whole, which is experience.

Its two general benefits is the increase in enrollment and the improvement in the positioning, both being more empathetic with the problems suffered by your future students and having a message that tells them about their problems and how to solve them, and not only about what you offer, but about what you can do for them.


The first step that is to turn strangers into visitors, you must be able to transmit how you will help them solve their problems and needs. It is not the same, «non-traditional school» (that we have heard a lot) to «school that develops skills», maybe we are talking about the same school but the message attracts a hundred times better if you talk about the benefit and not about the product .


Once you attracted a person and your attention was drawn to some of the benefits you offered, it is necessary to expand the information and generate confidence but the principle is the same, you have to communicate to the client how you are going to help them solve their problems. Do not tell him that your school is full time, rather ask him if he works late and tell him that he will not have any problem with that since your school will help him, it seems the same but it is not the same.


This part is usually complicated for the agencies since they depend on the client to do them, but usually all the schools that want to grow tend to master the basics of closures. To achieve great closures you do not have to be a big seller, again, you just have to focus on your client, on their problems and how you will help them solve them, try to find out as much as you can and clearly convey how your school would help to solve it better than anyone, you know better than anyone that your school has everything to succeed, so you only have to transmit it in a way that is clear to the client. 


This is where congruence plays a very important role, if you are going to promise clean facilities, you better have your facilities impeccable, if you are going to promise qualified teachers, have at hand some certificate that endorses your teachers because it is better to exceed expectations than not fulfill them. When you exceed expectations is when people recommend you and are happy, if you do not meet them, I think I do not have to tell you what is happening.

Do I have any proof that it will work with my school?

The inbound marketing for schools, like everything, is not infallible, much less the magic recipe that heals all evil, on the contrary, it tends to disappoint people who do not apply it well or who do not commit to a 100% strategy.

But for those who are committed to the strategy and are accompanied by a team of people with experience and achievements in inbound marketing for schools, there is no good reason why your school does not work this strategy (unless your school is not good, but we assume that you have a school from good to excellent).

The education sector is one of the most benefited can be seen thanks to inbound marketing do you want to know how much? Download our success case of private schools, here we show you how one of our clients did and what results he had exactly with us: 

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