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What are the main inbound marketing benefits?

Inbound Marketing is a very powerful tool that can help your business in many ways.  Not only does it help you generate more leads and expand your potential customers list, but it also allows your company to grow.

With this marketing strategy your business can establish measurable goals and achieve them through the right practice of this methodology.

Thought is it a long process that can take some time to actually be reflected in your company’s results and stats, it is highly effective and has proven to be a turning point to a lot of businesses.

Keep reading in order to learn more about how it works and all the benefits it can represent for your business.

How does Inbound Marketing Work?

Inbound Marketing is basically about delivering the right content, to the right person, and the exact right time. Unlike other forms of marketing, here people get the information when they need it and when they are looking for it, contrary to traditional marketing in which the information is launched to groups of people in general.

The first step for this is to know exactly who your main consumers are, how they think, how they behave and what they are looking for. In order to have this information you need to design a Buyer Persona.

The Buyer Persona is a semi fictitious representation of your ideal customer. By gathering information of different people you will be able to construct this persona and learn things like:


  • Their needs


  • Their problems


  • What they are looking for


  • How they behave


  • What they expect


After this you will construct their Buyer’s Journey. This is the path they take from the very first moment they realize they have a need to the moment they convert into actual customers.



The Buyers Journey

The Buyers Journey is divided in three stages. It is important to know and understand each of these stages in order to understand what the customer is thinking and experiencing through each step of the process and how your company can help them.



This is the very first step of the process. In here the user becomes aware that he has a need or problem. He recognizes he needs to look for help in order to achieve what he needs and fix the problem he is facing.



In this stage, the user begins to look for possible solutions for his need or problem. He goes online and starts looking for products or services that can help him achieve what he needs. 

In here he will look at many options, comparing the different benefits he can obtain from different suppliers, prices and experience. You should always consider that the user is going to conduct very extensive research.


In this stage the user has already evaluated the options and knows exactly what he needs. He narrows down his options and is ready to choose one of them. In this stage the user finally converts into a customer.


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How does Inbound Marketing fit in this process?

Here is where Inbound Marketing comes in. You need to generate content that gives value to the client. These pieces of information need to be created specifically for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

This way, the user can always find content that applies to each one of the stages he can be in. This content will help him resolve his doubts and eventually convince him that your company is the right choice to help him with what he needs.

Through the use of a blog, in which you keep uploading valuable content to your website. For example, if you want people to know how well-prepared your school’s faculty is, you could write and article about medicine or a success case of one of your alumni or teachers.

At the end of the article you should include a Call To Action (CTA) in which you invite the user to read other relevant content, this time asking for their data in order to be able to download the content.

At this point the user will be pleased with the information he just obtained and will want more. He will be leaned towards giving you his information in exchange for more content, turning him into a lead.


Turning leads into customers

Now that you have the user contact information, you will be able to send him emails about relevant information. Offer him discounts, new content and inviting him to get to know your institution or offer him other perks.

This way the user will get to know more about your company and will lean towards becoming an actual customer. 

This will happen because they will find the content you provide them useful. They will begin to trust you and your institution and will get to know both better. This way they will feel comfortable doing business with you or becoming part of your institution.


The main thing to keep in mind is to always look for providing value to the user. Helping him solve his needs or problems and letting him know you are the right choice to help him.

In Impactum we are all about growth. We are experts in the Inbound methodology and have years of experience helping companies and institutions reach goals beyond their wildest dreams.

To learn more about how this methodology can help you and your institution, click on the button below and download our e-book: Inbound Marketing Success Case. Get to know first hand how can Impactum help your company grow.




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