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Which Zoom background videos better fits your needs?

The times that we are going through as humanity are not being the best. We are in a world where you have to be up-to-date in all aspects so as not to be left behind and become obsolete, this scene from the point of view of the most important activities in the market: education, economic, health and technological sectors. 


Without a doubt, the sector that has undergone the most changes in education. This sector is going through uncertain times when it has had to adapt to remote study, establishing new ways to evaluate students effectively. 


The implementation of new technologies and applications to study from home has been a relevant issue in the educational sector, and everything has been possible thanks to the various applications that exist to make video calls and take online classes.


The application that has stood out the most for taking online classes and that schools opt for it is Zoom, so in this article, we will provide you with the most relevant information on this platform and above all, we will talk about how its backgrounds can help you generate an environment better adapted to your video meetings.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a downloadable application for both computers and smartphones, its main function is to make videoconferences in real-time between two or more participants, this app allows you to make live chat between users and record the sessions to be able to see them later.


Zoom has been gaining a place among the applications of its style because it has functions that are simple to apply and above all are very effective. Schools and especially teachers have been very happy when they use Zoom to teach their classes, this is because the use of this application does not represent technological challenges or make a lot of effort to understand the platform.


Functions that Zoom has:

Next, we will tell you more about the most important functions that the Zoom application offers you:


  • Conduct individual meetings between two or more users, with the possibility of carrying out group video calls of up to 500 people (paying a certain amount of money for the complete software or app).
  • Share your screen during the live session, so participants can see what you are doing. Which helps to explain better.
  • Record the conference through a video recording to be able to observe it at another time. Perfect for people to solve their doubts through the repetition of the video.
  • It generates a live chat room between the users of the video conference and offers unlimited storage in the cloud for recordings.
  • You can choose to use a pre-established background in your video meetings so that you do not distract other people from your home, Zoom has backgrounds that will help you in these situations.

Zoom has become a great application that has significantly helped educational institutions since thanks to this platform classes can be carried out online and without a doubt, it represents the future in the educational sector.


The importance of using adequate backgrounds at Video Meetings:

As mentioned in the section of functions that Zoom has, the background is part of these characteristics that will help you make online classes more enjoyable, it should also be noted that there are backgrounds that Zoom already has preset on its platform which are adapted to the context of the video call.


The virtual background function allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom meeting, these backgrounds are provided by the same platform, but you can also upload your images or videos as a virtual background.


Zoom virtual backgrounds can help us to hold our video meetings from anywhere in our house, even from anywhere else if we are not at home, because with the virtual background the other participants will not be able to see the environment on their cameras around you and if they look at the background you chose.


How, when, and why to use a virtual background in Zoom?

It is important to have a background according to the situation you are taking in the meeting, it is not the same to use a cheerful and fun background in a meeting with your friends by video call than to use a background when you are taking classes.


So we recommend that while you are having a fun time using virtual funds that have no relevance to the call and while you are in an important school meeting choose to use the virtual funds that Zoom provides you.


The main reason for opting for the backgrounds preset by Zoom in a school video call is to show seriousness and above all not to distract classmates or the teacher, this will help a lot to make the virtual educational environment more productive for students.


The steps to apply a virtual background in Zoom are: In a meeting, click on the upper icon that appears like this “^”, it is next to start/stop the video. Then we will have to click on choose a virtual background.


The funds that Zoom handles are very good to use while you take classes or an important meeting since they are backgrounds with very simple stock images that do not attract attention in a bad way and above all they are free, and you can use them as many times as you want.


Thanks to these new tools and technologies, the way of taking classes has been calmer and with better coexistence, highlighting that video calls are the future in the education sector and still have a long way to improve and be more effective.


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