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How to maintain and conquer more students with educational inbound marketing?

As we have already explained in previous articles, attracting students is only the first step to grow any educational institution. Now the objective is to focus the marketing strategy on student retention in the long term. Since it has been shown that it is much easier for someone who knows the system to stay or re-register compared to someone who is a complete stranger. The central axis is how to maintain and conquer more students. And this is where the real interaction begins.

As main data we find that:

  • 65% of students change schools due to poor attention
  • Only 5% for price reasons
  • And the rest, for different reasons.

That is the reason why, the next step is to improve the experience of each student, in order to «conquer» him for a long period. Below we show you some inbound marketing strategies, which could assure you the retention of all your students in a more efficient way:

Create an identity

Start by establishing a philosophy, or vision with which you can identify all those that belong to the institution and make them different from the rest. It requires a commitment from the whole institution to create a sense of belonging in each student. That is to say, it can not be something temporary, but something that lasts and of high impact.

The entire institution must understand that higher education is not a service, but an experience. If a clear message is established with which everyone can feel identified, it can be disseminated through various electronic media and begin to generate a community that more people want to be part of. Use all the social networks of the institution and focus on making a true community.

Keep generating content

In previous articles, we mentioned that create eBooks, guides, testimonies, etc. It can be a great tool to attract new prospects. However, once they are students of your institution, the generation of content must continue. It’s just a matter of giving it a different approach. For example, now you can talk about the best exchanges you can do in your institution, a review of a teacher how to get good grades with him, or even something that speaks of the professions of the future.

All this with the aim of making them feel part of the educational community of your school. That the students can notice that they are still important and taken into account, and that way you will be able to retain them during the following years of study and better yet they will recommend the institution to their acquaintances.

Use their language

A common error in educational marketing is that it explains things using technical terms that most do not know. Remember that you are dealing with young people or with parents who are not experts in the subject. As this may result, students do not understand the value offer you are giving and end up moving away from your school.

One piece of advice is to present clear, powerful messages that everyone can understand.

  • Ask your students what they like
  • What electronic means do they frequent?
  • Their long-term interests and needs
  • And use their words

24hrs Attention

There is a saying that «a happy customer will tell one or two people, and an unhappy one will let 10 people know.» So give your students the opportunity to express their discomforts, show concern to help them and offer immediate solutions. Some statistics show that:

  • Customer who has no problem maintains loyalty in 87% of cases
  • Customer who claims and remains satisfied with the conduct of their complaint, the loyalty rate rises to 92%
  • Client who claims and remains unsatisfied the number drops to 23%

Once this is known, it can be clearer why an integral service matters so much. As promoters of the Inbound methodology, we believe that a good tool to achieve better results is to have an educational blog. Where you and your students can communicate more informally and quickly; to attend to their complaints and improve their experience completely.

Register the processes

Keep a record of each student periodically. This will help you to detect their tastes and anticipate their needs; You can register their academic performance, if they have been part of cultural activities, if they have attended informative talks of exchanges, etc. Thus, you can show the options that you surely have in mind, before they ask for it and keep it for longer.

A very useful tool is to implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Currently there are several softwares that can help you and only consists of a platform that helps you to keep the record; but in a digital and more optimal way.

We hope that once you have read this, you can better attack the problem of student desertion. And continue to improve the growth of your institution.

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