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How to motivate your sales team [SLIDESHARE]

Do you have a business that is not achieving the results you expected? You must motivate your sales team


All business consultants always say that you have to analyze your environment, raise strengths and weaknesses, rethink your products or services to meet a need, we already know that and we will not repeat it.

The reality is that if a business does not sell, it dies and if it does not sell enough it agonizes. In this sense sales are the blood of our company and therefore the sales team is the HEART, without them sales do not flow and our business would fall apart, so what can we do to have a heart always healthy and strong?  How to motivate your sales team?

Train everyday

As when you train for a race, it is important to be consistent and exercise daily, you also have to remember that the heart is a muscle and needs exercise. Remember that the heart is a metaphor and apply the same principles to our sales team, we need all of them practice daily to be better. In my experience there is nothing that helps a salesperson feel more confident than to practice his speech, make calls, attend appointments and make presentations, in that way he practices and practices to become better every day.

Receive coaching

When training to improve it is important to know how much has been improved, where it has been improved and where it can still be improved, for this the runners and the athletes have coaches. Do you think they have a coach because he is a better athlete than them? No, they have them to give feedback on how they can improve and demand them even more. We continue with the metaphor, in this case in sales it is important that your salespeople always tell them what they are doing well and what they are doing wrong, it will seem very obvious to you but I assure you it is not, it is infinitely different sales from the point of view of a seller than from the point of view of a supervisor, often sellers have been making the same mistake for years and do not notice it until the supervisor makes them notice, on the other hand there are supervisors who dismiss their salespeople for a particular error that becomes a problem in the achievement of the objectives, however they never communicated or corrected it, that is why it is so important that you put yourself in the role of coach and support your salespeople, it does not matter that you are not the best seller, even so you can contribute and help them in something.

Measure your results

Runners measure their times and know exactly how much they have advanced each time they train. Each race measures their times and they know their scopes and their limits for the races. Sales should be the same, if something is not measured, can not be controlled and therefore can not be improved, is the basic principle of the administration, if you want to improve sales you have to measure them and I do not mean just to know how much did you sell each month, that’s for sure if you know it, I mean how many new prospects your salespeople saw each week, how many calls they made, how many meetings they had, how many demos, how many visits, how many proposals they sent etc … it depends on your Business is the information you should have.

Maybe it sounds very complicated to collect all that information but I swear it is not so much, if your budget allows you any CRM should cover your needs.

If the idea of a new software still seems very complicated, I recommend you start with the basics. Buy a blackboard of any type and a couple of colors, put the names of your sellers on the bottom and assign values to your work, for example: Every 5 calls you put a blue box, each visit to a customer a red box etc … so that at the end of the week you have a chart of how much each salesman works and his achievements. We do this in Impactum and it has worked for us.

Award achievements

As when athletes win a competition and receive medals and trophies, it is also important that you reward the sellers with better results and not only that, make sure you do not leave anyone out because seeing someone else receive a prize can be demotivating so you should keep everyone motivated and recognize everyone’s achievements equally.

You do not need to invest in prizes or excessive vacations, in fact a simple greeting in front of your colleagues will be enough to make a salesman feel like a valuable part of the sales team.

Although it sounds easy, most supervisors forget or decide not to do this part because they feel that «it is already their job» but it is still important for employees who feel valued. If something we have learned in the agency is that you should not take anything for granted, if you have any doubt about anything or are not sure of something better, confirm it 2 times. Do not think that because you are already paying your employees they already feel loved and supported by your company, it is always necessary that you give them that gratitude or a small pat on the back to make them feel good, loved and appreciated. 

Always remember that sales are the blood of the company and the sales team is the heart. You have to exercise it to be more resistant and strong every day and let us get further each time. If you liked the strategies share the article and if you want to know more about how to improve your sales I invite you to download our free ebook: 

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