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Industrial Marketing: 3 steps to increase your customers and your positioning

There are several marketing strategies to attract new customers and improve the positioning of your brand, however with the passage of time, these techniques have evolved to improve industrial marketing and be increasingly effective, using the benefits that bring new discoveries and technological advances.

There are strategies that have proven their usefulness, so we will tell you 3 steps you can take to increase the number of clients and position your brand more efficiently in the market.

Step 1: Establish yourself as an opinion leader

In a world where each person can transmit information, it is of the most importance to stand out as an expert in the subject you share, it is important to point out with the information, the information is the most important competitive value because it makes you excel over others and this is seen reflected in the content you share, in the images and in the words you use to connect with your audience, this allows you to create around you a community that is willing to listen to you and learn from the valuable information you share, it is important to share ideas that be as useful as possible, to achieve a positive impact on the greatest number of people.

Originality and attitude is the most important thing

Offer exclusive information about your industry or company in the media that you have at your disposal, new information, highlighting or rethinking any that already exists in an innovative way, with a new approach, that reveal value with an explanation from the eyes of the public, with a different concept from the others. This will secure your audience or target, because if you give the professionals in your industry relevant information for free, they will be aware of new information you publish, so that later you can establish lasting relationships with them, within of your sector and with this create the confidence that will have a positive impact on the number of sales. 

Share the latest news from your industry

Most professionals are constantly updated, especially with what happens in their business environment, so it is a point of great value that you become part of their regular content with high quality content by adding discoveries in trend. Sharing the latest advances you’ve had in your industry, in addition to the success of these, makes the public want to stay in touch with your brand. This point is important because the minds of professionals seek to generate new ideas, to be aware of what they can do or what they can incorporate into their skills and business. Performing these actions as an opinion leader in your industry, not only generates a highly captive audience, but also your publications in this aspect have greater ability to be shared and the most important to position yourself as an opinion leader, with all the benefits that this bring for your brand.

Step 2: Know exactly who buys you and why (Buyer Persona)

All your business must turn exactly to the client, focus on satisfying their needs. Knowing why they prefer you, why they buy you is essential for the success of your brand and to stand out in the industry. This according to Inbound marketing methodology is called Buyer Persona, which is nothing else than the representation of the final consumer, made from their economic, social, geographical, psychological, behavioral, goals, needs, fears and motivations. It serves to understand in the first person the public and what is expected of us.

The public must be the attended, is the reason for your company or business, you must study it, determine their lifestyle, what they like, what other brands consume, why they prefer you, and strengthen those characteristics, is something like that as «strengthen your strengths.»

To your audience you have to explain how your product or service will help their daily life, how it will make them happier, how you will avoid any fear or difficulty. With your audience you should not discuss the price, you should show them what you are worth so that they are willing to pay for you and your quality. The client wants to know how you are going to help him, without many words, he wants to perceive the benefit, directly with a message that connects with him.

In addition, the information you receive from your client is extremely valuable because first hand you will know where you are failing, what you can improve and what the customer loves about your product. The relationships between people are sometimes complex, but if you know how to listen and communicate with sincerity you can win more customers and therefore your market, creating lasting relationships and thus more sales.

Do not sell to sell, do not use lies or talk about things that have nothing to do with the product or service you offer, people love sincerity and are eager to seek information and especially products that meet or exceed their expectations. It offers added value and constantly researches what the client of your brand likes. With this information, you can keep them happy, being able to cultivate long-term business relationships and adapting to changes when necessary. Remember to identify what they need and what fear they are looking to mitigate, buying you.

Step 3: Your objective is to help, not to sell

People like to buy but not to get sell. People do not like to feel forced to buy something or to «put it in their eyes» by force. This methodology of industrial marketing is known as inbound marketing, is the marketing method that offers the value of your brand without being intrusive, the purpose is that the public does not perceive directly that you want to get sales, but that he as a consumer makes a profit.

The idea with inbound marketing, is that your customers come to you because they feel identified with what you offer. For this you must follow the following strategy:

Attracting the public: It is essential to generate attractive content in the medium you use, preferably digital media, because that is where virtual communities are concentrated with millions of people and where it is easier to locate groups of users grouped by tastes and preferences , sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, have millions of active users daily.

If your brand contributes value with attractive, eye-catching, educational, surprising, emotional content that connects with people, with their day to day life and with their closest reality, nourishing them with content that is worth remembering for them, whose message is not lose validity, sure will attract new customers.

Turn that attention into sales: Calls to action, publicizing your product or service, involving it on a day-to-day basis, demonstrating how your product solves problems, inviting the user to try it, are necessary actions after the public is captive. While you should not saturate your communications to just promote, you must have a delicate balance, most of the time you must generate useful content and within that content offer your products and services subtly, you can also ask them to subscribe with their contact information as email or phone, thus obtaining the possibility of sending promotions and information of your products to convert them in future potential customers, you can also give them the possibility of being channeled to another area or section, if they want detailed information of your product or service. The recommended percentage is 70 to 80% of relevant content and 30 to 20% of content purely dedicated to sale or more direct promotion.

Close the sale: Once you have turned the public into a customer, you must close the sale, dedicate time to customer service and after sales and of course build a close and trustworthy business relationship. For this you can use automation tools, CRM and databases to manage your customers and thus ensure the development of strategies to keep them loyal. Here you can learn some tools to automate certain sales processes.

Satisfy and exceed the expectations of your customers: Since you have managed to get clients, it is necessary to keep them, it is more expensive to lose a client than to make a new one. Well, the client who leaves, will speak badly about you, the client who stays will recommend you. In this phase, you must keep your customers satisfied or exceed their expectations. You must continue offering them useful and relevant information for them and continue with the cycle of listening and innovation.

Finally, the most important thing in these steps is to understand that the customer is the soul of your business, without the client simply your company, business or brand would not exist and in this new era of marketing the customer is the king and should be treated, as he likes to be treated, to be successful and to be a leader in your market.

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