Make your website sell for you [INFOGRAPHIC]

That your website sells for you, is something we all dream about … however, it does not always happen.

When thinking about «a company’s website», the typical lashes are: We; Products / Services; Prices; and Contact; which are what we could commonly find. However, if what we are looking for is to convert all the traffic that we already attract to our site, in prospects, we should start to change certain aspects of our page so that they are more in line with our sales objectives.

Design for your ideal client 

Before designing any web page, you must first have very well defined the different profiles of your  ideal client. This will help you to know the type of information your target market may be looking for, the type of language they use, and the best messages to convince them to take the next step. This way I can assure you that you will be closer to making your website sell for you.

A very clear example of this, are the Landing Pages, which are sites, generally «independent» of your main website, designed to offer a proposal of very specific value for a specific type of customer. That is, a call to action (CTA: Call-to-action) is made so that they leave their data (in a contact form) in exchange for any offer or relevant information.

These calls to action or CTAs are images or buttons that draw the attention of the visitors and make them aware of what they can receive if they click on them; and once the person clicks, it «pays» with their contact information, in exchange for the offer or information that was offered. In this way we obtain a database of people who are already interested in what our company offers.

Now, these same principles of Landing Pages should be applied in business web pages:

  1. Show your products and services in a friendly way: instead of making a simple list of what you offer, write a brief description of each one and, for each one, design content that you could offer your prospects to interest them even more. For example,
    • If you are a nutritionist and offer diet control services for people with diabetes, you can offer them a checklist of the foods that can not be missing in your pantry;
    • If you have a refrigerator company for baking, you can offer them a «Manual to choose the best refrigerator for your desserts, according to your needs«.
  2. Do not let them go, without knowing who they are: linked to the previous point, make sure that the content that you are offering to your visit, is sufficiently attractive so that they can turn it into a prospect. Here you must bear in mind that: the more attractive the offer or the information you are offering, the more information you can request in return:
    • If what you offer is a checklist, maybe you can only ask for the name and email of your prospect;
    • If you are already offering something more robust, such as a free trial of a service or product for a specific period of time, you can request even more specific information such as: name of the company, position you hold in the company; and as the case may be, up to the income range of the company.
  3. Make it simple: last but not least, make sure it is aesthetically attractive; Although the information is very valuable, the fact that the design of your page is not appropriate, can translate into fewer prospects. Try to have a harmonious design, easy to navigate and adaptable to any device (computers, tablets and cell phones).

In addition to all of the above, it is important to mention the correct follow-up to our prospects, since it will not be useful to have a well-designed web strategy for your website to sell for you, if we do not follow up on our potential clients.

To help you digest the above, here is this infographic, and remember that if you would like to implement something like that in your company, you can ask us by clicking on the yellow banner up to the bottom:

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