Sell online with your web page focused on growth

Why focus more on using a web page focused on growth than using a traditional web page?

Web pages are the core of our marketing on the Internet, our presence in the virtual universe, (leaving aside social networks) is the easiest way to find us in search engines specifically for us, that’s where the prospects that we get to have can be reported more thoroughly about us, about our services and our company, the services we offer and many other things.

But, is our website doing what we expect from it? Are we taking advantage of it as it should be? Or do we only have it as an ornament? When was the last time we made a major design change?

For conventional web pages we know that it is too slow or complicated to make a design change and we can not always measure if the changes were made for good or bad, also we have that the designs of them are stagnant for too long, from here we speak that the average of a re-design takes an average of 1.5 to 2 years to be done and it becomes stagnant again, and if we add the estimated delivery time of approximately 3 months, I think we agree that it is too much time and resources invested in the page so that it does not give us the expected results or we only have it as an ornament.

Another point against traditional web design is that it is completely in charge of the designer, one can contribute his ideas and the designer uses it as he likes or makes it according to current trends, but we must also ask ourselves, is that what I really need?

And what are the advantages of a Web Page that focuses on Growth?

Web pages focused on growth are constantly changing, customers design them, with short delivery dates, they are in constant communication with the owners of the company and most importantly … They give results! (And you do not need a big investment in advance).

How is my page designed by clients?

Effectively, customers design it when doing market studies, which is what draws attention, which sections are used more, where the greatest traffic to our site is generated, among many more things, so with these results in hand , hypotheses are formulated which are the bases to carry out the movements in the design of the Website.

Short delivery dates?

Of course, previously it was commented that the estimated time of a design is 3 months, but a growth website has a delivery time of approximately 1 month, this does not mean that it has no quality just to meet the delivery time, is a very short time, for all the information that is handled and the constant contact between client and designer.

And is it necessary to make so many changes?

It is true that changes are not always for the best, that is why the client is in constant communication with the designer, as well as with the sales and marketing team and with the proper use of analysis tools from your Web Pages, you can plan a strategy that can be implemented correctly when making changes to the Web Pages, with the sole purpose of making the company grow.

Now that we know a little about the difference between traditional web pages and GrowthWeb Pages, let’s see how do we take advantage of them to sell?

By having a website focused on growth it is easier to use it as a sales tool, because it becomes what the user wants and needs, an easy-to-use web page that contains the essentials of your company.

But how does it become a sales tool ?, for the simple fact that having prospects that enter your website and when browsing in the most important thing is to excite them with the content that you have, besides that it is easy access and everything transparent, with which your Website can achieve that, with that you have already started your sales process even before someone from your team communicates directly with the prospect.

 And if all this you keep your Web Page updated, not only with information about your company but about news from your field of work and inform your clients and solve doubts, you are already earning to achieve the objective of your Website … That sells for you!

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