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The best 5 industrial marketing strategies

The way in which companies buy has changed a little, it is true that many of them have a lot of suppliers, but those who are in charge of making the decision of which supplier they choose, need relevant information to be able to know more about these and take a better decision. However, many of the companies have not adapted to «this new way of buying».

 Just for you to have an idea: 83% of buyer engineers review three or fewer pieces of content before making a decision on purchases below $1,000, and 70% of buyers check four or more pieces of content in sales above $10,000.

So here we will talk about 5 strategies focused on this «new paradigm» of the purchasing process of companies:


The best 5 industrial marketing strategies

1. Social media, strategies to conect

As an industrial company it is common to think that it is not a mean for you, that your market is already known or not is big enough, that is not a sales channel and that the investment in resources is not worth it (has something like this cross your head before, right?).

The truth is that it is a good industrial marketing strategy, if you focus well. The point is not to always be publishing about how fantastic you are, but to provide valuable content to your customers and at the same time aiming to enter and advance your sales funnel to your prospects.

Something must be very clear. An industrial marketing strategy in social networks is not putting nice things on Facebook. There are many networks, and depending on the type of people you want to reach, is the means you should use. Commonly for B2B companies (companies that sell to companies), LinkedIn is recommended, since it is a professional social network. and it is very easy to reach the people of the positions that interest you and the type of company you need.

You must think of this medium as a bidirectional channel that allows you to interact one by one with your prospects, and thus create relationships and retention. It is an excellent way to show the world what is in your company beyond its products, services and walls … that means, to show the history of the people who are behind all this and who make it possible.

Nowadays people are tired of hearing the great thing for all their «experience» and «professionalism», and look for factors that go a little further, something that  jump from among all the suppliers that exist in this globalized world, because you no longer compete only with your plant neighbor, but with the one on the other side of the world as well.

So maybe now you should consider social networks as one of your means within your industrial marketing strategies. 

2. Blogging, positioning strategies

Did you know that B2B companies that write weekly articles on their blog (at least 1 or 2) ) get up to 70% more prospects than those that do not?

The blog is a tool that if used wisely can generate significant benefits to companies, and should be considered as one of the main strategies of industrial marketing (and any B2B company). We for example, get up to 90% of our best prospects through our blog …

How can you get this? You must do the following:

  1. Identify very well who your clients are to know what you have to talk to them about (their concerns, goals, challenges, etc). Here you must be very careful, because we believe that we already know our market perfectly, but we must think of them in terms of «People» to empathize and understand better. If you manage to do this, believe me that your industrial marketing strategy will have a much better result.
  2. Draw a plan or calendar of topics according to their doubts and most recurrent searches. Here, to have better results, you must do an investigation of the content that already exists on the Internet about this, and how it is that your prospects are looking for it (what words and phrases they use, so that you can speak them in «their language»).
  3. Add calls to action to each article. This serves to give a name and last name to those visits that saw value in what we do. I’ll give you an example, someone once told me that emails, articles and posts on social networks were like selling from door to door: if they open you, take the opportunity to sell; Here it would be: if you pay attention, take advantage to hook (and sell). These are the calls to action: valuable offers to move on to the next step; They can be more specialized materials or a discount (depends on your goals) and exchange it for your data. The more valuable your offer, the more data you can ask for.
  4. Analyze and optimize. Since you have enough material, it is important that you analyze which topics have had the best results (that is, which have brought more prospects) and you can generate more content like these to obtain more and better results.

At the end of the day this industrial marketing strategy helps you, among some other benefits, to:

  1. Position yourself in search engines without having to pay (organic positioning)
  2. That people begin to see you as a company that knows what they are talking about (that is, they will be the ones that deduce that you are professional and have experience)
  3. And you can have tools to sell them better (because with certain tools you can know what each prospect has visited and know their history within your strategy, which allows you to approach them in a more personal way and you do not feel like a wolf trying to sell them, but as an ally to whom they can ask for support.

3. Videos, strategies to spread

As an industrial company, it is often important for new clients to know who you have worked with and how their experience has been. Videos are an excellent mean of different industrial marketing strategies to spread your success stories.

This format allows you to capture the attention of people. Ideally, do not be too long, try not to exceed 2 minutes, but these seconds can tell the full story of how was «your client’s life» before and after you; and if it is counted by your same client, it works even better.

Tell your company’s story, tell the story of your clients, and tell the story of how your prospects’ lives might look after you. I do not say it as an advice on the air, currently 71% of companies with more than 100 employees already use YouTube as part of their strategies… and you?

4. Landingpage, prospecting strategies

Landingpages can help you generate specific information for a specific type of customer. They are more commonly used for prospecting strategies, since they have the characteristic of showing the public only that information that you want them to see, and eliminates other distractions such as links to other pages and menus.

PRO TIP: Do you remember that in point 2 we talked about calls to action? the ideal is that they send you to a microsite where you give them to know that offer of value. This will allow you not to be distracted and only have 2 options: either access to offer or leave the microsite. This way you can start qualifying your prospects according to the interest they reveal. 


5. Email, strategies to «nourish»

The use of e-mail worldwide will exceed 3 billion users in 2020, and 3/4’s of the companies agree that e-mail offers from «excellent» to «good» ROI (Return on investment ). For what I think are good reasons to include it in your marketing strategies

Mail is used much more than people think, and is a good way to maintain direct communication with your customers and prospects. But you have to be careful, it’s not about writing them every day to see if they have already got up, it’s about providing them with valuable information and content so they can continue to learn about the industry and about your company.

In this type of strategies it is also very important that you add calls to action. Remember that everything you do must have a specific objective related to your marketing and sales strategies.

Well, these are 5 industrial marketing strategies that companies do not usually take advantage of, and those who do use them have seen changes in the number of prospects, in the number of closures and in the growth of their company. So you can start applying it to your company, we share this free guide with real examples of what other B2B companies are doing in the world, just click on the box below:

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