Digital presence plan

Growing your business within digital media is easier than you think. At Impactum we specialize in supporting companies to find the needs and desires of their customers. That’s how through our growth plans we’ll dive into your organization to understand your current digital marketing processes that allow us to set tactics that will lead your organization to success.

Catapult your growth in digital media

Having the support of a company dedicated 100% to Inbound marketing will bring for your company a better exposure, positioning in search engines and generation of contacts interested in your product or service.

Together we will be able to define objectives, a clear path of improvement and the best strategies for your company to obtain unparalleled growth results.

Your company

We’ll detect friction points and areas of opportunity between your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Delight team and execute the right strategies for your best performance.

Your market

We will carry out an in-depth analysis on the digital strategy of your 3 main competitors, as well as the internal landscape of your company to define strategies and improve processes.


We’ll illustrate the work, time, and people needed to implement the plan, from using platforms like Hubspot to performing your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Business discovery

Our first step is to learn about the current situation of your business, and understand how it works.

Through a meeting, interviews and questionnaires, we will ask questions about your business process and marketing, to better understand your challenges in the sector.

Detail your Buyer People

We will take the knowledge you have acquired so far from your customers and combine it with new points that we obtain from interviews and online research to establish why they buy you and in this way draw actions to obtain more leads and / or be able to rate them.

Development of Buyer Journey

To have a strategy consistent with your market, we need to understand how they buy.

This is precisely the Buyer’s Journey: The steps your leads go through during their purchase process. We will define pieces of content that help you solve the doubts that arise before purchasing your products or services in such a way that you have more informed leads and optimal sales.

Defining objectives

This step will be indispensable to know how effective the plan is and define the right path

To have a good guide it is essential to follow a structure to develop objectives: Specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and with a defined time lapse.

Align your marketing and sales team

In order to obtain an aligned strategy, we will identify gaps between your company’s teams, through interviews and questionnaires.

After that we will help you define a work process, in mutual agreement with your teams, where you define common goals, responsibilities and actions that each will have to take to achieve the goals.

Impactum has always been shown more as a business partner than as a supplier, as they are able to react immediately to any need that arises in our company, which by having as a star product a service that is in a position vulnerable to changes based on official regulations before the law we need to generate immediate changes from the way we communicate, the use of certain words even certain strategies overnight.


Marketing Director, Grupo CyH


Lead Growth


Organic Visits


Lead Conversion

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